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Increasing Student Engagement with OMET Surveys

Getting students to respond and offer meaningful feedback on surveys is challenging. It’s important to communicate to them how their feedback can impact their overall learning experience. It’s also important to provide students with resources for giving professional and effective feedback.

One of the best strategies is to begin early in the term. Collecting early feedback gives faculty an opportunity to uncover learning difficulties and adjust where possible. It’s just as important to discuss what can’t be changed or what might have to wait until the next time the course is offered. Recognizing student concerns and addressing them can help build strong relationships. Self-reflection survey questions can help students identify opportunities to improve their own contributions to their learning.

The Teaching Center offers several resources for collecting midterm and ongoing student feedback. The Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching conducts end-of-term teaching surveys to gather feedback about the overall teacher and course and experience.

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