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Fall 2020 (2211) Teaching Survey Administration Process

Survey Period

Student opinion of teaching surveys will be open November 9 to November 29. Schools may modify their survey period dates by contacting us.

Remote Questions about Teaching and Learning

Four questions are added at the end of the survey about the remote aspect of teaching and learning this term.

  1. I was able to interact effectively with the instructor during the remote aspect of this course. (Strongly disagree to strongly agree)
  2. I had the resources I needed to finish my coursework during the remote aspect of this course. (Strongly disagree to strongly agree)
  3. The remote aspect of this course made it (blank) for me to learn. (Much more difficult to much easier)
  4. What do you think the University should know about your experience as a student in the current remote learning situation? (Open-ended) (No change)

Report Release

School and department supervisory reports will be available after the end of the term in accordance with OMET’s standard report release practices.

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