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Announcement for New Faculty

The Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching (OMET) is here to assist faculty with collecting midterm and end-of-term student feedback. Collecting feedback early in the term can be especially helpful for new faculty. In addition to uncovering what’s working and potentially what’s not working, it’s an opportunity to build stronger relationships with students and make make them active participants in the learning process. Collecting feedback and closing the loop with students by discussing the results and making small changes, if necessary, can have a positive impact on end-of term survey participation and gives students the opportunity to practice giving effective feedback. Our Teaching Consultants are available to help with interpreting results and developing an action plan.

End-of-term teaching surveys are generally open the last three weeks of class ending before finals week. These surveys give students the opportunity to reflect on the entirety of the course. Surveys can be customized by adding questions. It’s important talk to students about the value and importance of their participation. Their feedback can be a valuable resource in planning for the following term. These surveys are often requested on behalf of faculty by the department or school, please check with your unit administrator on the process for requesting a survey.

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