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ID2ID Blog Post Image - Barbara Frey And Sarah Kunze

Experiences from the ID2ID Program

ID2ID logoThe ID2ID Program is a cross-institutional professional development program for Instructional Designers (ID) open to educational technologists, multimedia specialists, programmers, and production specialists in higher education settings. This joint initiative between Penn State University and Educause launched its first cohort in July of 2017 with the goal of fostering the professional growth of IDs in the areas of faculty development, academic transformation, digital literacies, accessibility, assessment, open education, and learning spacings. Over an 8-month span, IDs partnered as mentors, mentees, and buddies to build a personalized plan for professional growth through activities such as webinar participation, collaborative book studies, virtual office tours, reflective conversations, conference co-presentations, and more. Badging was offered to interested participants.

Several IDs from the University’s Teaching Center took part in the inaugural ID2ID Program, including Barbara Frey and Rae Mancilla. Both cultivated positive and continuing relationships with their ID buddies.

Using Google Hangouts, Barbara collaborated with Instructional Designer Sarah Kunze from Colgate University. They began the professional development program by establishing clear goals. Barbara was most interested in Sarah’s expertise in digital storytelling and Sarah was interested in Barbara’s expertise in online course design. With Sarah’s help, Barbara created a model storytelling project on adult literacy using WeVideo, a free video editing program that could be incorporated into Pitt Online courses. She benefited from Sarah’s resources and examples. For Sarah’s benefit, Barbara shared expertise including Quality Matters course design standards and examples of Panopto viewership data. Sarah agreed that principles of online learning effectively transfer to face-to-face courses. Even though the first session of the ID2ID project has ended, Barbara and Sarah have continued their collaboration. They hold monthly meetings to explore instructional design through research, best practices, and lessons learned. Their future  projects include designing instruction for lightboards and 360-video.

Rae was partnered with Jeniffer Obando, a Senior Instructional Designer from Stevens Institute of Technology. Throughout the academic year, Rae and Jeniffer met biweekly through the web conferencing software Adobe Connect and were able to network in person at the annual OLC Accelerate meeting in November of 2017. During virtual meetings they shared their background into the ID field as well as their respective departments’ organization charts, policies, and best practices for online program and course design. They also exchanged scholarly resources and worked through challenging design projects together, offering suggestions for improvement and solutions to problems. A large part of their time consisted of a book study on the applications of a text focused on the cognitive principles of learning, Make It Stick, that later formed the basis of a cross-institutional live webinar on Brain-Based Teaching Strategies. This webinar will be offered to the Pitt community in the Fall of 2018. See Teaching Center workshops.

For more information about the ID2ID program read Matchmaking for Instructional Designers.

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