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What is a Podcast? A podcast is an audio recording of a hosts voice speaking a subject that is designed to be delivered in an on-demand manor. Typically podcasts are managed by an app on ones smart phone and when a new episode is added to a channel you are subscribed to it is automatically downloaded.

One of the functions of the Media Creation Lab is that of a Podcast Studio. The space is equipped with a variety of equipment that can accommodate any form of a Podcast. The equipment selected for this task is all up to professional broadcast standards. As a result the quality of the recordings produced in the Media Creation Lab can be compared to what we hear from top podcasts or radio shows. We recognize that podcasts vary in format and we have an assortment of equipment pieces and software on hand to handle any situation.

Common Setups:

  • Single person speaking, one mic (Shure SM7B)
  • 2 people speaking, 2 mics (Shure SM7B’s)/multi-track recording
  • 3-4 People speaking (roundtable style), 3-4 Mics (Shure SM58’s)/multi-track recording
  • Web Based Remote interview (Up to 3 guests), Cast Podcasting software, one mic (Rode NT-USB)
  • Telephone Remote interview (One host in studio/One guest on phone), JK Audio Inn Keeper PBX phone hybrid, One mic (Shure SM7B)

How to schedule time:

If you wish to schedule time for training on the equipment and software please reach out directly to Max Glider (

Examples of Podcasts Recorded in the Lab:

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