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Classroom Schedules

The Registrar’s Classroom Scheduling service area assigns academic spaces/facilities to classes, final exams, and extracurricular activities on campus.

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Want to schedule a classroom demonstration or coordinate an equipment loan with our Classroom Services team?  Click here to find out how.

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Current Projects

Nationality Room Technology

38% Complete

This multi-year initiative’s goal is to better support teaching and learning by adding permanent audio video solutions to the Nationality rooms in the Cathedral of Learning

60% Complete

This multi-year initiative’s goal is to equip every Registrar scheduled learning space with digital equipment.

Large Lecture Halls

60% Complete

This multi-year initiative supports the Office of the Provost’s goal of improving large lecture based courses through physical space renovations.

Laser Projectors

17% of all Projectors

This initiative is an ongoing goal to utilize laser-based mercury free data projectors where applicable to reduce our mercury consumption while reducing lost class time due to lamp failure

Nationality Room Technology Project

Designed with utmost respect for the history and tradition of the Nationality rooms, this project seeks to utilize a mixture of technology solutions the goal is to improve functionality for teaching and learning.  Some rooms will receive permanent installed equipment designed into the room.  Others will receive a credenza that is designed to compliment the design of the room.  See Portfolio page for completed projects

  • Rooms Completed
  • Rooms Remaining
Rooms Completed to Date - French, Lithuanian, Korean, Swiss, Turkish, Welsh, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Norwegian and Phillippine
Rooms in Planning - African, Israeli, Japanese and Ukranian
Rooms to be completed per year
Remaining Years of Project
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