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Teaching and Assessment

Learn more about teaching and assessment strategies to help manage your large enrollment courses.

Tools and Technology

Learn more about tools and technologies to help manage your large enrollment courses.

Faculty Learning Community

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Blackboard Grading Tools

Basic functions
This web page covers the basic functions of using the Grade Center, such as deleting, hiding, clearing, & showing grades; sending emails; and entering grades, just to name a few. This resource will give you a general overview to feel more comfortable operating the Grade Center.

Advanced functions
This web page is designed to deepen rudimentary skills within the Grade Center. It provides comprehensive instructions and guides to perform more advanced functions, such as curving grades, accessing test analyses, uploading & downloading data from the Grade Center to offline resources, and creating grading rubrics on the platform, among others.

Blackboard Quiz and Exam Tools

Creating Tests in Blackboard Using Word or Text Documents
There are several third-party tools that enable you to import Word and text documents to create a Blackboard quiz or exam.

Test Item Analysis
Blackboard provides a tool to statistically analyze student performance on tests, to determine any questions which may have been poor indicators of student performance.

Student Response Systems

Top Hat
The University has contracted with Top Hat to provide its active learning platform to all Pitt faculty and students free of charge. Top Hat is a bring-your-own-device student engagement solution that helps faculty easily take attendance, administer polls, and deliver quizzes in the classroom. In addition to its audience response capabilities, Top Hat also offers faculty and students a variety of other features such as the ability to create assignments and homework, author your own interactive readings, and adopt low- or no-cost e-textbooks for your course. Student roster, attendance, and grade information can be easily synced with your Blackboard course.

Plagiarism Detection

Creating a Turnitin Direct Assignment in Blackboard
Turnitin is a web-based plagiarism-detection service. While it is not owned by Blackboard, there is a Blackboard integration available. Students upload their papers through Blackboard, and Turnitin then analyzes them for originality, and provides several powerful tools for leaving feedback.

SafeAssign is the plagiarism-detection service fully integrated into Blackboard. When SafeAssign is turned on for a Blackboard Assignment, an additional originality report is provided. All other aspects of the Blackboard Assignment tool remain in place.

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