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Teaching and Assessment

Learn more about teaching and assessment strategies to help manage your large enrollment courses.

Tools and Technology

Learn more about tools and technologies to help manage your large enrollment courses.

Faculty Learning Community

Learn more about other resources available to help manage your large enrollment courses.

Pitt faculty who teach large enrollment classes (>60) in the fall and spring semesters are invited to join the Large Enrollment Faculty Learning Community. Email invitations are sent out before the beginning of the semester. Use the links below to access materials from past sessions.

Large Enrollment Faculty Learning Community

Kyle Whittinghill, Lecturer
Kyle Whittinghill, Lecturer, Department of Geology and Environmental Science, shares information with the learning community about using Canvas in her large enrollment courses.

January 2020: Classroom Flipping for Large Enrollment Classes

November 2019: Reducing Course Content without Compromising Quality

October 2019: Lessons Learned from the Course Incubator

September 2019: Transforming the Social Ecology of Large Lecture Classrooms with a Social-Psychological Intervention

March 2019: Takeaways from the 2019 Pittsburgh Regional Faculty Symposium

February 2019: Open Educational Resources

January 2019: Discussion Strategies for Large Enrollment Classes

November 2018: Group Inquiry Learning with POGIL

September 2018: Assessment Strategies for Large Classes: Alternatives to Exams

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