Large Enrollment Courses @ Pitt

Student in a large classroom.

Different disciplines use different parameters to define what constitutes a large enrollment course. For some, it’s anything over 200 students. For others, it might be a class with 60 students. These pages attempt to assemble a variety of resources, guides, and support for instructors who teach large enrollment courses – however you define it.

While large enrollment courses may present a variety of challenges to both faculty and students, they also offer pedagogical, technological, and design-driven opportunities. Whether you are looking to improve the learning outcomes of your students, or to more efficiently assess the performance of 400 students in a single class, the Teaching Center is prepared to support you. If you want assistance with a specific challenge in your large enrollment course, please contact and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

In addition to the resources assembled on these pages, you may also want to follow the progress of our Course Incubator projects and perhaps join our Teaching Partners group. Finally, if you have an article, a suggestion, or a resource that you would like to see us add to these pages, please let us know ( We love hearing from the experts who teach large enrollment courses every semester.