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Teaching Center Message About COVID-19

The University Center for Teaching and Learning advises faculty to consider activities that enable continuity of instruction in the event of high student/faculty absenteeism or changes to normal campus operations due to pandemic illness, natural disaster, unsafe conditions, or unforeseen emergencies. Please visit the Instructional Continuity page for more information.

Learning Initiatives

The University Center for Teaching and Learning
is a hub for teaching innovation at Pitt.

Center for Mentoring

The faculty of the University of Pittsburgh are one of the University’s greatest assets. The Center for Mentoring serves as a central resource to support professional excellence by encouraging growth and development of faculty as teachers and scholars.

Center for Diversity in the Curriculum

We are committed to supporting Pitt students by enriching the knowledge of faculty and graduate student teaching assistants through interactive workshops, one-on-one consultations, and programming that underscores the value of diversity and inclusion in teaching and learning.

Center for Communication

The Center for Communication serves as a growing repository for faculty and graduate student teaching assistants who want assistance with a variety of communication needs.

Course Incubator

The goal of the Course Incubator project is to redesign large enrollment classes to enhance student engagement and promote consistent learning outcomes across multiple sections.

Large Enrollment Courses @ Pitt

The range of a large enrollment course spans from a course of 60 students to one with 200. To assist, we have assembled a variety of resources, guides, and support for instructors who teach large enrollment courses–however you define it.

Assessment of Teaching

Research suggests that experimenting with additional ways of measuring and assessing teaching, beyond student opinion surveys, can be valuable and help instructors to improve and refine their teaching practices. The University Center for Teaching and Learning can assist with Classroom Observations, Teaching Portfolios, Teaching Surveys and much more.

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