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Graduate Student Teaching Initiative pedagogy badge plus concentrations

Are you looking for ways to demonstrate your teaching skills and commitment to pedagogy? Academic job and grant listings often ask applicants to provide “evidence of teaching excellence,” which might include student evaluations of teaching, letters of recommendation, a teaching portfolio, or credentials in pedagogical professional development.

The Graduate Student Teaching Initiative at the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Teaching and Learning provides a credential in pedagogy for Pitt graduate students. Attend six qualifying Teaching Center workshops in three of five possible focus areas (two in each area), such as “Pedagogy” or “Online Teaching,” then complete assignments associated with each workshop, like developing a lesson plan, to earn the University Center for Teaching and Learning’s “Achievement in Pedagogy” badge. Participants also compose a final 2-3 page reflective essay on the impact of the badge on their teaching.

In addition to being able to reference this pedagogy credential in a c.v. or teaching resume, participants will also earn a “digital badge”—an electronic credential specifying the work completed for the badge, which you may share with hiring and grant committees or other third parties.

The following indicates qualifying Teaching Center workshops and the focus areas which they satisfy.

1. Pedagogy 2. Educational
3. Professional
4. Online Teaching 5. Diversity
Assessing and Developing Writing Assignments Teaching with (and without) PowerPoint Developing a Teaching Philosophy Statement Best Practices in Online Teaching Teaching Inclusively
Developing a Lesson Plan Panopto Video Hosting and Streaming Developing a Teaching Portfolio Canvas For Remote Instruction Teaching International Students
Getting Started in the Classroom Active Learning with Top Hat Role of the TA Making Your Digital Course Materials Accessible & Inclusive Developing a Diversity Statement
Encouraging Student Participation Peer Assessment Tools Developing a Diversity Statement Incorporating Active Learning into Remote Teaching
Syllabus Construction/Development Qualtrics Online Survey System
Cheating and Plagiarism
Classroom Strategies: Labs, Case Studies, and Simulations

*Please consult our workshops schedule to identify which workshops are offered each semester.

Workshop Deliverable
Assessing and Developing Writing Assignments Writing Assignment Rubric
Developing a Lesson Plan Lesson Plan
Getting Started in the Classroom First Day Lesson Plan
Encouraging Student Participation Participation Activity
Syllabus Construction Syllabus (excluding calendar of readings)
Classroom Strategies: Case Studies, Labs, and Simulations Lesson Plan/Outline
Teaching with PowerPoint PowerPoint Presentation
Cheating and Plagiarism Personal Academic Integrity Statement
Panopto Video Hosting and Streaming Panopto Presentation
Audience Response Systems Poll Question Activities
Peer Assessment Tools Peer Assessment Assignment
Qualtrics Online Survey System Qualtrics Survey
Developing a Teaching Philosophy Statement Teaching Philosophy Statement
Developing a Teaching Portfolio Teaching Portfolio Prospectus
Role of the TA TA Plan
Best Practices in Online Teaching Online Course Flowchart
Canvas For Remote Instruction Canvas Activity Assignment
Incorporating Active Learning into Remote Teaching Portion of a Lesson Plan
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