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Mozilla Firefox Error Message

Zoom & Canvas Issue With Latest Firefox Update

Mozilla Firefox recently released an update that increased its default security and privacy settings. While they can help protect your privacy, the new default restrictions can impede how systems interact with one another, such as Canvas and Zoom.

If you see the above error message when using Zoom (or similar messages from other integrations) from inside Canvas, you are encountering this issue.

There are two ways to work around this:

  1. You can disable the feature, lowering your privacy settings globally.
  2. You can set Firefox to allow all integrations on Canvas.

Directions for either of these methods are available from the Firefox support site. If you follow the directions to add Canvas to Firefox’s allow list, you will need to do it on both the and web URLs. Additionally, if you clear your browser history with “site settings” checked, you will need to add Canvas to your allow list again.

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have not yet enabled these enhanced protection settings by default, though you are able to turn them on manually. Use caution before making such a change. Apple Safari is not recommended for use with Pitt’s educational technology systems.

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