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Welcoming Fall 2022

Michael Bridges, PhD, Interim Executive Director

The end of August has always signaled a time of transition. As a kid, it meant the end of my summer freedom and a return to the more structured routine associated with the beginning of school. For my entire professional life, it has marked the same transition to the beginning of the fall semester and the energy, anticipation, and genuine excitement that comes with having students back on campus and the start of classes.

As we collectively discover what changes the pandemic continues to bring to the ways we teach, learn, and work together, the Teaching Center is even more committed to our core mission to inspire and support excellence and innovation in teaching at the university. Our work with schools to strengthen assessment of teaching strategies continues, with a new focus on professional development opportunities that target the knowledge, skills and competencies that evidence suggests best support effective teaching. Our programming to support equitable and inclusive teaching will provide new opportunities for thoughtful reflection and the development of meaningful practice. Our educational technology team is excited to help you discover ways to use technology to expand your effectiveness and efficiency as an instructor, whether you teach in the face-to-face, online, or hybrid learning environments.

As always, we are here as an advocate, ally, and resource for your success in the classroom, laboratory, studio, clinic, or wherever you teach. Whether you would like to redesign your course, create digital assets for your course, develop new assessment strategies, experiment with immersive video technology, attend a workshop, or simply borrow a laptop, we are here to help you. This newsletter describes just some of the services and resources available to you at the Teaching Center.

Michael Bridges, PhD
Interim Executive Director
University Center for Teaching and Learning

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