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Teaching Center Special Announcement: April 11, 2023

The events of April 10’s active shooter hoax are very impactful, even more so after the similar recent events in Oakland two weeks ago. Students may be stressed, anxious, and traumatized. In times like this, patience and empathy can significantly impact our students’ well-being.

The University has resources available to our students. As announced, student support space will be open today (April 11) in the O’Hara Student Center, from noon to 2 p.m. The Campus Crisis Support Team will be available to connect with and assist students during that time. Students may also call the University Counseling Center at 412-648-7930 at any time to speak directly with a clinician.

In addition, we encourage you to be flexible and responsive to students. As you are able, you may wish to consider the following:

  • Check-in with your students and make time for them to check-in with each other.
  • Invite your students to share their concerns and listen to them empathetically.
  • Communicate that you are available and willing to help them.
  • Share the resources listed above.
  • Provide an option for students to attend class remotely and if you are able make attendance optional.
  • If possible, avoid administering tests, quizzes, or any other form of assessment.
  • Consider canceling class or making class a space to connect and talk, rather than conducting class as usual.

Consider your own capabilities during this time and be kind to your students and to yourself. Faculty and staff may receive counseling services 24/7 through Life Solutions by calling 1-866-647-3432.

If faculty have questions about how to address this event or wish to talk more, please call the Teaching Center @ 412-624-3335.

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