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Teaching Center Recognizes Four Award Winners for 2022

2022 Teaching Center Award Winners, from left, Blaine Walker, Daryl Putman, Max Glider, and Lizette Muñoz Rojas.
2022 Teaching Center Award Winners, from left, Blaine Walker, Daryl Putman,
Max Glider, and Lizette Muñoz Rojas.

The Teaching Center would like to congratulate Max Glider, manager of Classroom Services, Lizette Muñoz Rojas, teaching consultant, Daryl Putman, educational software support specialist, and Blaine Walker, manager of Academic Digital Media, for earning a 2022 Teaching Center Staff Excellence award!

The staff awards program began in 2017 and is a peer-driven recognition of team members who exemplify the values of the Center, demonstrate a positive attitude and commitment to responsibilities, and make above-and-beyond contributions to the University.

Max Glider was promoted to manager of Classroom Services in the spring, his first managerial opportunity at the Teaching Center. His collegial and collaborative work spirit allowed that unit to find new footing and a renewed purpose under his leadership. Known for his positive attitude, Max stays on top on the latest innovations in classroom technology in order to best serve the University. A native of Long Island, New York, he graduated with a bachelor of fine arts in film production from Point Park University.

Described as a consummate professional, Lizette Muñoz Rojas is an alumna of Pitt’s Department of Anthropology and collaborates with faculty on multiple teaching and learning topics all year. As workshop facilitator, she ensures that attendees feel welcomed, valued, and has led or co-hosted numerous sessions for the Provost’s Institute for Diversity in the Curriculum. Her expertise in instructional design and development is resulting in significant positive changes in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space. Detail-oriented, solution-focused, attentive, respectful, and welcoming are just a few of the adjectives used to describe Lizette by her colleagues.

Daryl Putman is described as “the rock” of the Educational Software Consulting team. His Pitt degrees in linguistics and computer science influence his work, which is often supportive in nature and happens behind the scenes. His dedication to faculty clients and the students they teach is unfailingly accurate, helpful, and considerate of their current level of understanding and technical ability. Daryl’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is evident in his conversations with faculty in an unwavering effort to make sure that all of Pitt’s students have what they need to succeed.

The depth, scope, and scale of Academic Digital Media cannot be achieved successfully without excellence at the helm—and that is precisely what Blaine Walker brings to this unit every day. He instills a sense of mission and purpose in his staff of media producers, who provide professional video and audio-visual support for academic events to a wide range of University clientele. Blaine has worn many hats over the years and is a highly skilled graphic artist at heart, and has never strayed from an ethos of excellence in all that he does. He sets the bar high for himself and his team, and the University has benefited greatly from Blaine’s exceptional professionalism over his 44-year career at Pitt.

Please join us in congratulating Max, Lizette, Daryl, and Blaine for earning a 2022 Teaching Center Staff Excellence award!

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