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Making your course content accessible with Ally

The Teaching Center, along with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, will be piloting Ally in Blackboard* this coming spring 2020 term. Ally provides instructors with guidance on how to correct accessibility issues with course content, which means learning materials will work better with assistive technologies for students with disabilities as well as on mobile phones and tablets.

We are looking for interested instructors to pilot Ally in Blackboard this spring term and provide us with feedback about the effectiveness of Ally checking the accessibility of their content and the program’s guidance on how to fix the identified accessibility issues.

*While we are currently trying Ally within Blackboard, it also works well with Canvas. Bookmark our Canvas website for the latest information on the university’s transition.

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  1. I teach the courses on disabilities to our Teaching Ed students, so this would also help me with content for the course.
    Will this also work in Canvas?

    1. Prof. Burth, we’ll have someone in the Educational Software Consulting group respond directly. Our understanding is that Ally will work on multiple LMS platforms including Canvas.

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