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Large Enrollment Faculty Learning Community (FLC) Fall Programming

Welcome to your fall semester at Pitt! We look forward to welcoming you to two sets of programming this term that will enliven your large enrollment courses by highlighting strategies for engagement, inclusion, and belonging.

Top Hat as an Engagement-Building Tool in a Large Courses

With the robust application Top Hat in your bag of teaching tricks, your large enrollment course can be amazingly dynamic and interactive with a great set of activities that provide alternatives to traditional lecturing. Our speakers will highlight a few practical how-to suggestions using some of Top Hat’s main capabilities, with ample time for demos and your Q&A.

Register for an in-person training on Oct. 11, or you can attend a virtual workshop on Oct. 12.

Practical Canvas Tools for Engagement and Belonging

Focusing on how to use tangible tools available in Canvas, this session will explore engagement as an important element of fostering students’ sense of belonging in your large-enrollment course. Our speakers will begin by framing recommended practices for using engagement to enhance belonging and will then present top practical strategies for implementing these ideas into your courses with Canvas.

Register for an in-person training on Nov. 15, or you can attend a virtual workshop on Nov. 16.

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