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Importing Your Grades from Canvas to PeopleSoft

At the end of each semester, instructors are required to submit their final grades into PeopleSoft. You are now able to import your final grades from Canvas into PeopleSoft. Please view our instruction document below to follow the steps to import your grades.

Find out more about grades at the Registrar’s website.

Before You Start

There are a few steps that users will need to follow to prepare grades in Canvas to ensure grades can be successfully imported into the PeopleSoft grade rosters.  Before you begin, please note the following:

  • Canvas courses can have only one grading scheme per course. Three pre-defined schemas are available (LG, HSU, SNC), but these are not official conversions from scores to schema – they are simply pre-defined for the teachers’ convenience.
  • Canvas does not round grades. You must manually adjust the grading scheme for your course to adjust letter grade associations.
  • The Canvas grading schema and PeopleSoft grading bases are not consistent at the student level. This means the teacher will need to manually enter grades for students whose PeopleSoft grading basis and Canvas grading scheme do not match.  For instance, the grades in Canvas could be LG but the student is taking the course SNC in PeopleSoft.  This will require the teacher to manually add the SNC grade into PeopleSoft since all grades in Canvas are LG.
  • Courses can be cross listed in Canvas upon request so that one parent course has multiple children sections. Course cross listing may be requested by contacting the Canvas 24/7 Help Desk or the Educational Software Consulting team in the Teaching Center.  Cross listing will result in the teacher seeing multiple sections of a course as one course in Canvas.  Both parent and child courses can have grades imported into PeopleSoft, but they must be imported one PeopleSoft grade roster at a time.
  • The current grade integration is pulling the current grade for the course, not the final grade course.  According to Canvas: “The current grade is calculated by adding up the graded assignments according to their weight in the course grading scheme.”
  • Courses can have an override grade column in Canvas gradebook which takes precedence over the current grade.  To enable the override column – go to Course Settings > Features and enable the Final Grade Override feature.  In Grades, the override grade must be manually entered by the teacher.  If no override grades exists, the current grade will be imported. More information can be found on the Canvas support website.

Canvas Questions/Issues?

Canvas 24/7 Tier 1 Support
Click on Help Button
(412) 314-1719

Pitt Educational Software Consulting
(412) 648-2832

PeopleSoft Questions/Issues?

Registrar Office
(412) 624-7600

Registrar Grades Office

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