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Get Student Feedback Throughout the Term

Spring 2023 dates and resources

Connect with students early

Asking students for feedback throughout the term provides an opportunity to build relationships and make changes that can improve teaching and learning. Research has also shown that conducting midterm surveys and acting on the results has a positive impact on end-of-term feedback and response rates, improves student perceptions of the value of the process, and allows students to become more familiar and adept at completing meaningful evaluations.

End-of-term Teaching Surveys

Spring 2023 surveys will be open April 3 to April 23

Increasing student engagement with surveys

Getting students to respond and offer meaningful feedback on surveys is challenging. It’s important to communicate to them how valuable their feedback is and how it’s used. It’s also important to provide students with resources for giving constructive and meaningful feedback.

For more information about gathering, interpreting, and using student feedback, contact us.

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