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Faculty Panel Discussions on Flex@Pitt

The Office of the Provost and the Teaching Center each hosted a faculty discussion in October focused on how faculty have adapted their courses under the Flex@Pitt instructional model. The panels discussed their successes, lessons learned, and how they’ve modified their courses to create new ways of teaching, learning, and engagement. You can view each of the faculty panels by accessing the links below. Special thanks to our faculty panelists for sharing their experiences.

Teaching Partners Segment 1, Oct. 2.
Five faculty presented during a live panel during the fall term Teaching Partners meeting:

  • Kristen Butela, PhD, Department of Biological Sciences;
  • Lori Campbell-Tanner, PhD, Department of English and Film and Media Studies Program;
  • Megan Kappel, MFA, Department of English;
  • Mary Beth Rauktis, PhD, School of Social Work;
  • Aisha Walker, PhD, MPH, Department of Medicine

Teaching Partners Segment 2, Oct. 2.
Two faculty joined the Teaching Partners panel via video presentations:

  • Michael R. Glass, PhD, Urban Studies Program;
  • Kimberly Payne, PhD, Department of Biological Sciences.

Provost’s Faculty Panel, Oct. 14.
Four faculty presented during Wednesday’s panel:

  • Joanne Baird, PhD, Department of Occupational Therapy;
  • Kristen Butela, PhD, Department of Biological Sciences;
  • David Sanchez, PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering;
  • Gabby Yearwood, PhD, Department of Anthropology.
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