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Prepare for Teaching Surveys

Oct. 19-Nov. 8: Add questions to your Teaching Survey
Nov. 9: Surveys open

Add custom questions to your teaching survey to gather critical feedback on specifics aspects of your class — especially as we navigate through new modes of teaching and learning.

The option to add questions is open and appears on your Teaching Survey Dashboard

Before starting you may want to:

  • Visit our Question Library where you can view:
    • Pitt faculty favorites – a list of the most frequently added questions.
    • Question options about the Flex@Pitt Model.
    • Questions about diversity and inclusion.
    • More than 300 additional question examples.
  • Review instructions for adding questions.

OMET Teaching Surveys and Canvas

  • Adding instructors and TA’s to your course in Canvas may not mean they are automatically included in teaching surveys. Instructors and TA’s must be assigned to courses in PeopleSoft. Check with your school or department PeopleSoft administrator or contact OMET for more information.
  • Combining students in Canvas will also not affect surveys. Each section is surveyed according to enrollments in PeopleSoft.
  • Instructors and students will each receive unique teaching survey links. Please direct students to the link on their Canvas Accounts page or add the OMET survey block to your course page. (View all the ways students can access the survey links.)

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