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Standard Operating Procedures

Workshops: event planning and management

  1. Complete Teaching Center Event Information Form and make sure to add program coordinators (PC).
  2. Upon completion of form, PC will receive email notification of submission.
  3. For workshops scheduled in Alumni Hall B26 and 815, PC will send a meeting invitation from the room calendar with details to the facilitator(s).
  4. For workshops scheduled in other campus locations, PC will send a confirmation email to the facilitator(s) with details and reminder to mark their personal calendars accordingly.
  5. PC will submit workshops marked for the University Calendar. Events are automatically added to Teaching Center Workshops & Events web page.
    Workshops in collaboration with Open Lab @Hillman: These events are added to our events list after Office of Communications tags the Teaching Center. The University Library System submits and controls all workshop entries in the University Calendar at this time.
  6. PC will monitor registrations for all workshops. Email notifications are also received by PC when new attendees are added. Email reminders with the following standard text will be sent to all registered attendees:

Thank you for registering for title of workshop on date, time, and location of event 

Please reply to this email if you no longer plan to attend (*add if meal is provided* – to keep accurate count for lunch.)

The Teaching Center promotes zero-waste events. Guests are encouraged to bring their own water bottles and coffee mugs.

Please contact should you have any questions or concerns.


University Center for Teaching and Learning

  1. One week before the workshop:
    • PC will email workshop facilitator(s) with a list of registered attendees and noting when registrations are five (5) or fewer letting them know that PC will continue to monitor registrations and will contact them two days before the workshop.

    Two days before the workshop:

    • PC will confirm cancellation with facilitator(s) if registrations remain at five (5) or fewer.
    • PC will email registered attendees with the following standard text.
    • PC will hide subject event in the University Calendar to remove from active workshop listings in the Teaching Center website.

Subject: Workshop title, date, time, location

Due to low enrollment, the subject workshop has been postponed to a future date.  Please continue to check Workshop and Events page for the new date and any other workshops that might be of interest.

Please contact should you wish to schedule an individual consultation or have any questions/concerns.

  1. B26 and 815 Alumni Hall:
    Calendars for the current week showing events and meetings taking place are posted outside of these meeting rooms. Additionally, a sign indicating the current event happening is posted next to the calendar. Student workers have been assigned to make sure current information is posted daily. This informs attendees that they are attending the correct event and location.

Workshops: day of event

  1. PC will be at the venue at least 30 minutes before the workshop begins to check for:
    1. Room access, if necessary.
    2. Room set-up.
    3. A/V accommodations, if any.
    4. Catering delivery, if requested.
    5. Workshop materials, if any.
  2. Facilitators (for workshops with attendance of 10 or less) will be responsible for entering attendance data into Airtable with PC as backup. PC will reconcile attendance information in Airtable.
    Until all facilitators are comfortable using Airtable, PC will check attendance for registered and walk-in attendees. PC will stay for 15 minutes to ensure latecomers are recorded. Should additional attendees arrive later, please send the PC an email with the additional names of attendees.
  3. For events that have higher visibility registrations, PC will be present for the entire event to set up and break down.

Workshops: post-event

  1. PC will ensure space is left in its original condition. PC will return supplies to original locations and alert staff as needed to retrieve any event materials/equipment.
  2. PC will review attendance records to ensure accuracy in the University Events Calendar and Airtable. PC will reach out to facilitators for any discrepancies.
  3. If applicable, PC will send “thank you” email messages with links to materials to attendees.


There are two options for submitting requests for payment. You can either:

When other University departments send requests for additional information to verify payment eligibility to Teaching Center’s budget assistant, your manager/supervisor will contact you to add additional information on the Airtable workspace. When you approve payment for an individual, they will receive an email confirmation indicating payment is in process. Please note stipends are received through the University payroll system. Receipt of stipends are dependent on when individual department’s payroll coordinators approve payments. Payments may take more than one pay period for departments to process. Please forward inquiries to PC or budget assistant.

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