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Teaching With Panopto header image - laptop screen showing a Panopto video with chapters and notes.

Teaching With Panopto is a fully online asynchronous learning opportunity open to all Pitt faculty, staff and teaching assistants. Participants will learn about the major components of using Panopto via self-paced, step-by-step tutorials and help videos prepared by the course instructors, as well as exercises for you to practice what you’ve learned in each segment.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Install and use the Panopto Recorder application on a PC, Mac or Mobile Device;
  • Record and upload different kinds of videos using Panopto, such as screen recordings, webcam recordings, and narrated slideshows;
  • Use the Panopto website to manage and share videos with specific sets of users;
  • Trim and edit videos in the Panopto editor;
  • Add closed captions in Panopto videos;
  • Embed quizzes directly inside of Panopto videos;
  • Integrate Panopto into Canvas to facilitate rich learning content for students;
  • Use the Panopto web space to manage Zoom recordings.

Panopto is Pitt’s video creation, hosting and streaming service. It is closely integrated with both Canvas and Zoom to create a complete video ecosystem for your courses. Panopto can host and stream Zoom recordings, videos you create, or videos that you upload, all with fine-grained share settings that ensure that they are only accessible to the individuals or groups that you designate. When used with Canvas, Panopto can automatically create appropriate share settings so that videos are accessible to your students, but no one else, and embed those videos into multiple areas of your course.

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