Extended Diversity Experience

Have you been thinking about updating a course to be more inclusive, to incorporate greater diversity, or to promote social justice through your discipline? These are important goals, and yet finding the time and resources to make these changes can be challenging. That’s why the Extended Diversity Experience (EDE) was created.

The EDE is a year-long immersive community of select faculty who work together with teaching consultants, librarians, and their peers to modify, expand, and improve their courses in ways that enrich the learning outcomes of their students. In addition to readings, projects, and interactions with faculty leaders, the EDE Fellows share their experiences with each other with support from across the institution.

Entrance into the Extended Diversity Experience, sponsored by the Office of the Provost, is competitive and potential participants must apply for a limited number of spots each year. Faculty from across Pitt are encouraged to apply. The principles of diversity are demonstrated by the diverse nature and background of the participants. Only twelve seats are available for the 2018-19 academic year. The application for the 2018 Extended Diversity Experience is now closed.

For more information about this program or other programs that look at diversity and inclusion in teaching and learning, please contact our Diversity Program Coordinator, Charline Rowland at chr83@pitt.edu.

Photos from the Extended Diversity Experience poster session on April 19, 2018.


We are pleased to acknowledge the good work of these twelve faculty members in the Extended Diversity Experience for 2017-18.

Advance the slides below and click images of the posters for larger versions of the images.
Julie Beaulieu

Teaching Diversity: Intersectionality
and Interdisciplinary Approaches
to Teaching Critical Sexuality Studies

Julie Beaulieu
Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies
Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences

Margarita Delgado Creamer

Margarita Delgado Creamer
Religious Studies
Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences

How can Teaching Courses
in Asian Religions
Foster Critical Empathy?

Christine DahlinDahlin Diversity Inclusion Poster

Inclusive STEM Environment

Christine Dahlin
Johnstown Campus

Eric EnglishEric English Diversity Institute Poster

What Does It Mean To Be Trans
And Why Does It Matter?

Eric English
Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences

Rolf deVriesRolf deVries Inclusion Poster

Rolf H. deVries
Mechanical Engineering
Johnstown Campus

Building a Healthy
Learning Community in Engineering

Elizabeth Harkins Inclusion Poster

Elizabeth A. Harkins
Johnstown Campus

Privilege, Social Identity and Ableism:
Teaching Intersectionality in
the College Classroom

Kristin KanthakEric English Diversity Institute Poster

Teaching the Politics of Diversity
in an Angry World

Kristin Kanthak
Political Science
Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences

Kristin Kanthak Inclusion Poster
Claudia Kregg-ByersEric English Diversity Institute Poster

Credibility, Respect, Sensitivity Between Underrepresented Minority Faculty (URMF) & Students in Predominantly White Institutions (PWI)

Claudia Kregg Byers
Community Health
School of Nursing

Claudia Kregg-Byers Inclusion Poster
Cindy LausbergEric English Diversity Institute Poster

Development of a Course in Diversity:
Diversity Issues in
Clinical Practice: PSY 152

Cindy Lausberg
Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences

Cindy Lausberg Inclusion Poster
Eric English Diversity Institute Poster

Highlighting the Contributions and Needs
of Underrepresented Groups in
BIOENG 1210: Bioengineering Thermodynamics

Warren Ruder
Swanson School of Engineering

Warren Ruder Inclusion Poster
Photo Placeholder (F)Eric English Diversity Institute Poster

Gender and Sexuality
in Black Popular Music

Yoko Suzuki
Music/Gender, Sexuality
and Women’s Studies
Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences

Yoko Suzuki Inclusion Poster
Susan Wieczorek Diversity Poster

“Normalizing” Diversity in
the Public Speaking Classroom

Susan M. Wieczorek
Johnstown Campus