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Course Incubator Grants RFP Criteria

The Office of the Provost and the University Center for Teaching and Learning request proposals from Pitt faculty for funding to assist them in the redesign of large courses. The goal of this grants program is to radically redesign large enrollment classes to increase the success of our students. Projects will focus on transformative design of an entire course. Faculty are encouraged to think big. The challenges and objectives of the course might dictate redesign activities such as replacing some or all lectures with experiential or immersive activities, redesigning learning spaces and classrooms, adding new technologies and more.


  • Faculty interested in redesigning an entire course with enrollment >100 are encouraged to apply.
  • Pre-proposals and full proposals must be approved by the appropriate chair, dean, or campus president.
  • Faculty are strongly encouraged to work with the University Center for Teaching and Learning to develop ideas and identify evidence-based project goals prior to submitting the pre-proposal and full proposal.

Preference will be given to:

  • Projects redesigning whole courses rather than individual sections
  • General education and introductory courses
  • Courses with documented high Drop/Fail/Withdraw (DFW) rates
  • Demonstrated buy-in and support from departmental faculty, chair, dean, or campus president
  • Plan for sustainability
  • Description of strategies to leverage technology

Funding and phasing:

Funding will be provided to support initial planning and proposal development, as well as development and implementation activities.

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