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Classroom Services will lend equipment to students for use with a registered University of Pittsburgh course or for other University activities, provided they receive permission from a faculty member or student group advisor.

For Course Use:

Faculty members must send an email from their Pitt account to that includes the name or names of students that may borrow equipment as well as the course number for the associated class. Students may then visit our office in B-10 Alumni Hall to place an order and pick up equipment. Items for class use can be rented free of charge; however, late fees and damage fees can be charged and will be the responsibility of the borrowing student.

For Other University Activities:

Students or student groups must have a Faculty member or Staff Advisor send an email from their Pitt account to that includes the name of the responsible student representative as well as the Student Group’s University billing account number. Rental rates apply for non-course use. For information on prices related to our equipment and services, contact us at 412-648-7240 or We also accept payments by cash or check.

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