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Hybrid Video Conference

When there is a mixed populations of class participants, both remote and in-person, technology is required to allow for an equitable and synchronous experience for all. We offer experienced technicians and a variety of technologies to create a seamless hybrid class experience. We have portable technology such as cameras and microphones that can be placed in any classroom or presentation space to create a video conferencing environment.

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Virtual Web Conference Support

When all participants of a class meeting are online Classroom Services can provide a staff member to assist with the configuration of the meeting or webinar. Upon request, our team can provide technical support during a class meeting or webinar.

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Live Stream

A live stream of a class or event would indicate that the remote audience has a live view of whatever is occurring in the class or event space, but there is not a method for the remote audience to verbally communicate with the in-person audience. Classroom Services can provide the equipment and staff to setup and monitor a live stream. Zoom meetings can be linked to social media platforms, if coordinated in advance.

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Lecture Capture

Our lecture capture service supports asynchronous delivery of class content. Classroom Services will send staff members to the classroom to video record the session. We offer the ability to capture simultaneous video feeds of both screen content and the presenter’s image.

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Podcast Recording

We provide a podcasting service that can take place either at a campus location or in our broadcast grade studio. When we record on-site a technician sets up all the mics and the field recorder. They also stay onsite to monitor for the duration of the recording. In our studio we can record up to two on-mic participants at a time or one in-person participant and a remote caller. We provide a technician in our studio, and we also offer training for self-support.

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VR 360 Photo Tour

A VR photo tour can create the immersive experience of being in a place when the user is in a remote location behind a computer or VR headset. Upon requesting this service, a team member will reach out to schedule a project overview meeting. Once our team agrees to take on the project a photographer will be sent to any Oakland Campus location to take a series of 360-degree images. Then we stitch the images together on an online platform that allows for viewing on any device. There are many interactive features that can be added to a VR photo tour such as audio, videos, photo galleries, hotspots and animations.

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