Accessibility for Classroom Services Clicker Equipment

Classroom Services has improved our offerings in Clicker hardware to increase student accessibility.

We have recently purchased braille clickers to provide increased accessibility in the Turning Technologies Clicker options available in Classroom Services. There will be 1-2 braille clickers in each set of 30 we provide.

Student Response Systems, commonly referred to as “clickers,” survey student comprehension of course concepts and enhance student participation in the classroom, particularly in large enrollment courses.

In order to support the varied requirements of academic units across the University, CIDDE’s Classroom Services offers three clicker options from which to choose. Consultation is available to help select the best option for your course.

If you need more information or would like to discuss with us options for use of Clickers in a classroom setting, feel free to e-mail Classroom Services with any of your needs.

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