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Summer 2020 Courses and Some Imported Blackboard Content Now Available in Canvas

Summer 2020 Courses

Summer 2020 (2207) term courses are now available in Canvas. As was the case with CourseWeb (Blackboard) these courses are generated based on course listings in PeopleSoft, the University’s official system of record. This includes enrollments for faculty, teaching assistants, and students. Canvas enrollments are updated daily to reflect any changes made to official enrollments.

By default, courses are created so that only faculty and teaching assistants can view them until they choose to publish them, making them available to students. To get started Faculty are encouraged to take advantage of the support, training, and self-help resources referenced below.

Imported Blackboard Content

As part of the transition to Canvas, the University is bulk migrating content from a large number of Blackboard courses. Courses from the following terms have been migrated, and are now available to faculty:

  • Summer 2019 (2197)
  • Spring 2019 (2194)
  • Fall 2018 (2191)
  • Summer 2018 (2187)

Enrollments reflect the latest faculty enrollments for these courses in Blackboard. This migration does not include student work, grades or student enrollments. Imported content from Blackboard courses for the Fall 2019 (2201) term will be available within the next couple of weeks, and content from Blackboard courses for the current Spring 2020 (2204) term will also be bulk migrated after the conclusion of the term. For more information on handling imported Blackboard content in Canvas, please visit our Importing from Blackboard support page.

If you are unfamiliar with Canvas, based on our experience working with Canvas early adopter faculty, we strongly recommend learning the basics before tackling your imported Blackboard content. Some options for getting started with Canvas are available below.

Support, Training, and Self-help Resources

24/7 support is available directly from Canvas via chat, email, or phone. Chat support can be reached from within Canvas itself via the Help Menu. The Canvas support phone number is (412) 314-1719. This is an additional level of support on top of what is offered by the Teaching Center’s Educational Software Consulting team, which will continue to be available to faculty as in the past.

The Teaching Center is regularly updating the list of scheduled training opportunities, and you can find the latest Canvas workshop offerings on the University Calendar. We have also curated and created a variety of additional on-demand self-help resources for Canvas.

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