Special Message from the Director

Cynthia GoldenAs the calendar changes from November to December, I would like to remind all faculty that we are still in the midst of the Teaching Survey period, which ends on Sunday, Dec. 10. Most of you already know that research shows that the best way to get your students to complete the surveys is for you to ask them to do so! By telling students that their input is important and by explaining how you use what they say to inform future offerings of your course, you are letting them know that their voice counts. You can read more about strategies for achieving successful response rates on our Faculty Information page

The annual Assessment Conference is being expanded to include teaching-related topics this year. Please join your colleagues for the Assessment and Teaching Conference on Friday, Jan. 26, 2018. All faculty are encouraged to submit a poster proposal that describes innovations in teaching or assessment. More information about the conference, including agenda and registration, will be available soon.

Don’t miss the opportunity to apply for the Provost’s Personalized Education Grant Program. Personalized education is defined as enhancing learning through tailored engagement in educational activities that reflect each student’s unique identities, experiences, interests, abilities and aspirations. Applications for this grant are due by Jan. 8, 2018. Visit the Provost’s Personalized Education Grant Program for more information about application requirements, formatting proposals and eligibility.

Finally, I hope the winter recess gives you time to reflect on the year just passed, and prepare for the year ahead. Before you depart for break, stop by the University of Pittsburgh Testing Center during Finals Week – Animal Friends will be on the ground floor of the Cathedral of Learning at various points during the week of Dec. 11 with therapy animals to help us all forget about the stress of finals week. I wish you a restful and enjoyable recess, and a happy and healthy 2018!

Cynthia Golden