Arrival of Fall Term

Cynthia GoldenWelcome!

While our calendar shows we celebrate the new year in January, for me, the beginning of the Fall term has always been my new year. With the arrival of September comes change. It is a time when I like to reflect on the year gone by – what worked well and what didn’t, and what we need to be thinking about for the future. Sometimes I still feel like that little kid who looked forward with a sense of excitement to a new classroom, new teachers, new pencils and notebooks and the fresh start that the beginning of a new school year brings.

As the leader of the Teaching Center, I feel the same sense of anticipation as we look forward to our first days of the term. It is time to meet new people, engage with them on new ideas, and tackle new challenges that will help all of us at Pitt to achieve our goals. The staff of the Teaching Center, together with our wonderful faculty partners and colleagues, including university librarians and the CSSD staff, are making a difference every day – helping to make learning at Pitt a rewarding and rich experience for all Pitt students.

Our job is to help you as faculty be successful in your teaching. As you go through the year, please consider the ways in which the University Center for Teaching and Learning is at your disposal. Whether you would like to redesign your course, develop new assessment strategies, experiment with immersive video technology, attend a workshop, or just borrow a laptop, we are here to help you.

Cynthia Golden