Report: Most women decide early against a cybersecurity career

By the age of 16, most women in the United States, Europe and Israel have already decided not to pursue a career in cybersecurity, according to a new studyfrom Kaspersky Lab. The researchers attribute that disinterest in part to a negative image of the security industry as a whole, citing respondents’ perception that cybersecurity roles are for “hackers,” “geeks” and “nerds.”

“Based on our research, at the moment, young women do not perceive cybersecurity to be a viable or attractive career option for them, and they are therefore ruling out a career in the IT industry at a young age, making it hard to persuade them otherwise,” said Todd Helmbrecht, senior vice president of marketing, Kaspersky Lab North America, in a statement. “Early education plays a critical role in overcoming entry barriers, but there’s also a need to change the industry’s image as a whole and promote the careers within. An important part of that process is making the roles more visible and enticing, and debunking the stereotype of IT security geeks sitting in a dark room hacking computers.”

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