Inside gay students’ fight to be heard at BYU

The flier was bright, with words splashed across a rainbow background. It advertised a panel on LGBTQ issues at Brigham Young University — the first-ever university-sanctioned event on the topic.

But 10 days before the panel, the organizers hit a snag: Administrators and about half of the students involved said they wanted the rainbow-flag colors removed.

Sarah Langford, a student who would speak on the panel and a bisexual woman, was all too aware of the tense religious climate she and other organizers were stepping into. She knew the rainbow colors could scare or anger conservative Mormons. But students were begging for the chance to be proud. “We’ve spent so much time being ashamed,” Langford remembers a student organizer saying in an emotional plea for the rainbow flag to a group of LGBTQ Mormons. “I just want to show myself,” he said.

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