A conversation about DEI and top IT issues

As alarming gaps continue to persist in IT ranks nationally, higher education IT leaders are increasingly paying attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as critical to strategic workforce development. In this, they reflect the concerns of institutional leaders. College and university presidents rank diversity as their fourth most-critical issue after financial management, fundraising, and enrollment management.

Higher education information technology is not as diverse in terms of gender, race, and ethnicity as is the population it serves or the workforce in general. The higher education IT workforce is 15 percent nonwhite and 33 percent women, compared with 34 percent nonwhite and 47 percent women in the US workforce. Yet evidence suggests that a more diverse and inclusive workforce is a more effective workforce. Diverse teams are more fact-based, weigh evidence more carefully, and are more innovative. In the corporate sector, companies in the top quartile of ethnic and racial diversity are 35 percent more likely to show profits above industry means.

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For more information on diversity efforts at Pitt, visit the University Center for Teaching and Learning’s Center for Diversity in the Curriculum.