Academic Integrity

In today’s digital age, the ease of information access has led to some misunderstandings about what constitutes plagiarism, since the concept can be based on cultural norms and assumptions. Plagiarism is often a vague concept to students, especially international students. What is acceptable and what is not can often differ from one country to another.

To help educate students on what constitutes plagiarism, we’ve collaborated with the University Library System to create a self-paced tutorial called Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism. The interactive module will introduce students to Pitt’s policies on academic integrity and works through scenarios to determine what may or may not be a violation. The exercise takes about 15 minutes to complete and faculty may want to utilize it early in the term to establish a clear definition of plagiarism.

The tool is available for both faculty and students through the Faculty Resources page of our website, or can be accessed by clicking the image of the module below.

NOTE: The module requires the Adobe Flash Player, so please make sure to update to the latest version before continuing.