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University Center for Teaching and Learning: Center for Communication

The Center for Communication is a special extension of the Teaching Center that focuses on all things communication. It exists specifically for faculty and graduate students and offers the following services:

  • Workshops on improving your presentations, poster sessions, and videos
  • Feedback on writing (for grants and teaching portfolios)
  • Coaching on presentation skills for different audiences
  • Guidance on speaking with the press about your research

This space serves as a growing repository for faculty and graduate students who want assistance with a variety of communication needs.

Tips for delivering an effective presentation

Dennis Schebetta (faculty from the Department of Theatre Arts) quickly covers the top ten things to make sure you do (or don’t do) when delivering a talk. While this video was developed to offer advice on preparing for and delivering a TEDx talk, the tips are widely applicable, regardless of the forum in which you are speaking.

We’ve also included videos on effectively constructing posters and tips on giving poster presentations and a PDF to assist in preparing your presentation based on your audience.

It’s always important to customize your presentation for the audience to whom you are speaking. A quick analysis of your audience can give you a good idea of how to best communicate your message. Even if you don’t know the entire makeup of your audience, there are several factors that you probably will know. This simple tool can help you analyze the overall construct of your audience so that you make the best decisions on what to say, how to say it, and what is most applicable.

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