The University Center for Teaching and Learning’s Lorna Kearns (l) and Rae Mancilla (r) recently had their article “The Impact of Quality Matters Professional Development on Teaching Across Delivery Formats” published in the American Journal of Distance Education.

American Journal of Distance Education Publishes Teaching Center Staff’s Article On Professional Development

Rae Mancilla photoPhoto of Lorna Kearns

LED Laser Projection Initiative

The LED Laser Projection Initiative, launched by the Classroom Services group in the University Center for Teaching and Learning, promotes sustainability, the life expectancy of projectors and the reliability or technology in the classroom.

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Building a video game in higher ed

By: Jacqueline Dunbar-Jacob and Joe Horne For the past two years, the School of Nursing worked closely with the Teaching Center to conceptualize, construct, test, and implement a video game for nursing students. The game is called PsychOut!, is played on…

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Learning outside your comfort zone

“When we learn something outside the comfort zone, we attempt to acquire knowledge or skills in an area where we’re lacking. Part of the discomfort derives from learning something we anticipate will be difficult. We have no idea how to…

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